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Thursday, 9 August 2018


This last month has been a very exciting time, with the launch of The Bitter End – the first book I’ve co-written with anyone. Sharing the excitement of a book’s release with another author is double the fun – and Robert D. Tysall and I have enjoyed every minute, with still lots of book signings and radio interviews to come.

On Saturday 11th August we will be at Hunt’s Book Shop, High Street, Rugby from 11am-2pm. Then on Thursday 13th September we will be at Kenilworth Books, Talisman Close, Kenilworth from 6.30pm – 8pm. We would love to see you there.

For those who haven’t read The Bitter End, here’s the blurb – and just for fun, an interview with one of the characters. We will be interviewing other character over the coming weeks. Hope you enjoy!

The Bitter End Blurb.
Paul finally has his life back on track. After losing his wife, Helena in a horrific car crash, he has found love with Sally and moves into her country cottage.  

As a former high-ranking Naval Officer, Paul now works as Head of Security at MI5.

Paul has no memories from before he was ten years old. An accident left him in a coma for 9 months.  But was it really an accident?
Soon Paul starts to have flashes of childhood memories, all involving his childhood friend, Owen.

Sally introduces him to her friend, Juliet, the owner of a craft shop. Paul is shocked when he is introduced to Juliet’s partner, his old friend Owen.

Flashes of memories continue to haunt Paul, particularly the memory of his first wife Helena burning in the car crash.

As dark things start to happen, and local people begin dying in horrific accidents, Paul must face his past and will end up fighting for his life.

Interview with a character from The Bitter End.
For this blog, I decided to speak to Father Wallace Willoughby, the parish priest and a neighbour of the protagonist, Paul Christian.
Although Father Willoughby is a diminutive little man, he’s something of a fire and brimstone preacher and his loud booming voice can rattle the windows! Even so, I didn’t expect the reaction I got from him.
He glared at me through those small round glasses of his, his voice fairly controlled – for the moment. “I’m afraid this is not a book I approve of,” he said. “In fact, I'm horrified that you could write about such dark and dreadful deeds.”
“It’s just fiction,” I reminded him, but he cut me short.
“The Good Lord did not grant you your writing skills to produce such heinous characters or such odious atrocities… and have you no thought for me?”
“You didn’t like the role then?”
“Well at first yes, I was flattered that you’d created me and it all started so innocently. But I had no idea what you… and that other author fellow – Tysall, Robert Tysall, had concocted.”
“Yes, well, that was the idea,” I tried to explain. “You don’t want the reader to guess what’s coming.”
I didn’t see what was coming!” he bellowed. “How could you? I remember when you used to write nice children’s stories.”
“I like to try different genres,” I said, smiling, hoping he’d understand.
 He shook his head. “Alas, it is done, and the book – what is it called again – Ah yes, The Bitter End, is published and available for the world to read. And read it they will. You mark my words. The devil works in mysterious ways.”
“But it’s a fight for good conquering evil, Father Willoughby,” I reminded him.
He didn’t seem convinced and was actually a little sarcastic. “So, it's a happy ending for all of the characters, is it?”
I sort of hung my head in shame. “Well, no, but...”
He sighed. “I shall be praying for the saving of your soul, my child.”
“Oh! Come on!” I argued. “It’s just a fictional story…”
“I enjoy fiction!” he said in that booming voice. “I, just like the Holy Father in Rome, am extremely fond of television’s Father Ted for instance. But really, The Bitter End goes a step too far.”
There was a grimace on my face. “Er, so you won’t be in book two?”
The disdainful glance he cast me provided the answer.
I nodded and said goodbye, deciding it was probably best not to tell him that while he wouldn’t be in book two, possibly his older, and slightly stranger brother would be.

You can buy The Bitter End from all good bookshops and online. Here’s the Amazon Links:

Published by Bloodhound Books. 

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