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Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Thrilled about our new thriller!

It’s a massive day for myself and good pal – and co-author Robert Tysall.  After 4 years of working together on a novel, today, 4th July 2018 is its release day!

The Bitter End is a supernatural thriller, published by the fabulous Bloodhound Books.

It’s the story of Paul Christian who finally has his life back on track after losing his wife, Helena, in a horrific car crash. Now, he has found love with Sally Knightly and is moving into her country cottage – close to where he grew up as a child.

As a former high ranking Naval officer, Paul now works as Head of Security at MI5. He has no memories from before he was ten years old. An accident in the woods left him in a coma for 9 months. 

Soon Paul starts to have flashes of childhood memories, all involving his childhood pal, Owen.

Sally introduces him to her friend, Juliet, the owner of a craft shop. Paul is amazed when he is introduced to Juliet’s partner, noneother than his old friend Owen.

However, dark things start to happen. Local people are dying in horrific accidents. But are they just tragic accidents, or is something more sinister going on here?

The Bitter End is Rob’s debut novel which makes its release extra special. And we’ve been delighted with the ARC reviews. We’re getting lots of 5 and 4 stars, but even 3 star reviews are saying great things about our book! Here’s a few examples and extracts. We’ve put a selection up on our website too: www.thebitterend.org.uk

“Wow! What a book!  From the very beginning of the story, the reader is immersed in all the action. The storyline was well thought out and fast paced.  You cannot do anything but keep turning the pages until you reach the stunning conclusion.  This is not a book you can pick up, read a few pages and put it down again.  A book of this calibre needs to be read in one sitting. I have no hesitation in recommending this novel, and cannot wait to read more from the authors. Hopefully, that won't be too long!”  Sue B. 5 stars.

“….The Bitter End whilst definitely being a story of the supernatural kind, would definitely make a great horror film. I was literally pinned to the book, on edge, waiting to see what was going to happen next. It reminded me slightly of The Omen with that over bearing sense of evil throughout. A dark and tense read which had me racing towards the end to see what the outcome was going to be.” Sarah H. 4 stars.

“This book was really addictive.  I read it in a day, in fact I couldn’t put it down!! It’s a very different type of book and very enjoyable….”  Carol G.5 stars.

 “This is another one of those books where I’m so happy I signed up for a blog tour. I know that if I’d have heard there was a supernatural thread running through this I’d not have picked it up. However, after reading the blurb I signed up for a blog tour and I’m so glad I did because this is a book I’m glad I didn’t miss out on reading….”  Philomena. 4 stars.

“I really enjoyed the horror/supernatural elements of this story and it definitely gave me the chills as I read under my duvet. I live in the countryside and was avoiding looking out of my window onto the nearby woods as I neared the end. I finished this book in one sitting I was so engrossed in the story. If you’re looking to give yourself the heebie-jeebies go buy The Bitter End!”  Ellen D. 4 stars.

We’ve got a few events coming up and it would be great to see you there. The website and our Facebook pages will be adding new dates, but at present we have a book signing event at Hunt’s Bookshop, 9 High St., Rugby CV21 3BG on Saturday 11th August. Time TBA.

A book launch with free wine and nibbles at Kenilworth Books, 12 Talisman Close, Kenilworth CV8 1JB on Thursday 13th September 6.30pm-8pm.

But this Thursday, 5th July, you’ll find us at The Anker, Nuneaton from 7pm. We’re hoping friends will pop in and join us for a celebratory drink to mark the launch of our book, The Bitter End.

Look out for our trailer too. Link coming soon.

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