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Thursday, 28 April 2011

Book signing day is getting ever nearer. Could call it B Day - only that sounds like something you'd find in the bathroom. Although I probably will get a bit flushed on Saturday when I'm sitting in Waterstones hoping someone is going to walk through the door and show an interest in my latest book.
It's a 'Children's History of Coventry' and I'm really thrilled about it (a) because it's brilliant to get the opportunity of writing about my own home city; (b) because of the work the publisher, Hometown World have put into the lively layout and fun illustrations; and (c) because I love the idea of (hopefully) thousands of Coventry kids picking up this book and discovering something they didn't know about the place where they live.
If anyone reading this happens to be in Coventry city centre on Saturday 30th April between 10.30am and 12.30pm please pop into Waterstones and say hello. Exciting though it is to be doing a book signing, it's also terrifying to think I might be sitting there all alone for the duration.


  1. You won't be alone, Ann, I'm planning to be there!

    (Did I ever tell you about the book signing I did where I sold minus one book? :) )

  2. Thank you Rosalie - and I'll be at yours on May 21st - same time, same place.
    Can't wait to hear about your minus one book!
    By the way, have you got a blogspot page?
    See you Sat.

  3. Great - thanks.

    Haha - I sneakily bought one myself, just to avoid looking like like a complete failure to the bookshop manager :-)

    My blog is at http://rosalie-warren.blogspot.com/

  4. at last. Hope you've put a link on your FB page and website

  5. Great event - lots of people there and looked as though you were selling a lot of books - well done!