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Sunday, 27 March 2011

Children's History of Coventry

It is such a privilege to be able to write about the history of my own home town, especially as it's for young readers.

An illustrated Children's History of Coventry

So pleased with the cover and the illustrations - and the information too of course!!

Words and Pictures.

It's always brilliantly exciting when your new book finally gets launched and you can hold it in your hands and turn the pages, feel it - smell it even. For me, when my latest book came out just last week, I found it such a thrill as not only was it was my first illustrated book but also my first children's non-fiction book. Before this one, my books have been novels for junior-aged children and young adults, without illustrations - apart from the cover, obviously, but this one - an illustrated Children's History of Coventry, is packed full of wonderful illustrations and fabulous designs. I was just blown away by the additional efforts the illustrators at Hometown World have put in. Thank you guys!

Friday, 18 March 2011

New to blogging

Well, here goes. My very first blog. The whole world seems to be blogging, so I thought it was time I joined in. Considering I write for a living, you'd think that blogging would be second nature - but it's not.

I'm quite used to jotting down my thoughts and ramblings, but usually in a diary that's slipped away out of sight, or in a notebook with all kinds of jumbled ideas about a new story or changes to a plot. How odd to be writing down my thoughts and then publishing them to the world.

So, something of note I think. Something of interest...

Such as the great weekend I've just had. Belonging to the Scattered Authors Society, which are a group of children's authors - scattered far and wide as the name implies, we meet up occasionally to discuss all things to do with books, writing, agents, publishers etc., which is inspirational and great fun.

One of the nicest things about children's authors is their willingness and eagerness to share their knowledge. They are keen to explain how they do it, to talk about their experiences, the ups and downs of their writing career, and to pass on masses of tips and advice to each other.

Fantastically, children's authors, in my experience anyway, just don't have that 'closed shop' kind of attitude. If they have the answer they will tell you. Maybe that's what's so special about writing - it's the writing community that goes with it.

Here endeth my very first blog.